Monday, April 13, 2009

San Ignacio: Day 4

This was another pleasant day because we didn’t have any big plans. I slept in late, ate breakfast at my leisure, watched some SportsCenter in my room, and took my time. A few of the people from the group were planning on going to the zoo, and Allison and I were going to go, but 

decided against it because we were not feeling good. Instead, we decided to take a taxi and stroll around San Ignacio for the day. This was fun. We ate some food at a place called Eva’s Kitchen, where we had one of my favotire meals to date, stew chicken with rice and beans and cole slaw. After lunch, we just hung around the town and went shopping. I was able to get some gifts for people back home and che

ck out the town. What I realized this day was that San Ignacio is very different from the other cities in which we’ve been staying for the simple fact that it is not really a tourist’s city. By this, I mean that there is a lot of poverty and the town doesn’t seem to cater to the needs of tourists. The shops are for the people of San Ignacio instead of the gift shops we have seen everywhere we go. While at San Pedro, we can go to our r

esort when we feel uncomfortable; here at San Ignacio I felt like I was really mixed in with the culture. I think it was good for our group to see so that we could experience the other side of Belize- the side that doesn’t make it 

on the brochures. To the left is a picture of the town of San Ignacio.

After we got back to Cahal Pech, Allison and I relaxed a little and waited for the others to get back from the zoo. Apparently they saw a lot of cool animals and were stunned by the fact that the only thing separating them from the animals was chicken wire. Imagine if a jaguar got angry one day and went on a rampage. Luckily on this day, the animals were calm and everyone made it back safely.

Later that night we were looking for places to eat on our last night at San Ignacio and I suggested that we go back to Hannah’s. I might have been selfish in wanting to eat there again, especially since there were other restaurants we hadn’t tried yet, but nobody disagreed with me so we ate there again. Instead of changing it up, I decided I needed to eat the curry again one last time, so I got the lamb curry. This was another amazing meal and a great way to end the trip in San Ignacio.

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